alone in my own backyard

What better place to begin than one’s own backyard?  If you aren’t free to be yourself there…then, where?  That is the place to be comfortable in one’s own skin.  And, I am…blemishes and all!

I am re-discovering me.  And, for me it really began one unforgettable weekend – the first weekend of August – in the pages of this beautiful, moving, poignant book (pictured)Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindburgh…

“How one hates to think of oneself as alone.  How one avoids it. 

…We seem so frightened today of being alone that we never let it happen.

…When the noise stops [and] there is no inner music to take its place

…We must re-learn to be alone.And yet, once it is done,

I find there is a quality to being alone that is incredibly precious.”

So, here I am with life more demanding than ever…yet finding this amazing, soulful place of retreat; intentionally slowing down…to think, to feel, to actually be and experience life and love – to deliberately breathe in and breathe out.

This warm humid morning alone…

on my teeny-tiny patio,

still in my comfy jams,

with my hot Panamanian coffee,

in my red square cup,

and my empty backyard,

I remind myself:

Life is a rich, beautiful gift.  And in the end, there has to be far more for me than checking off all my tasks.  I want to live and breathe on purpose – with purpose.  I refuse to be cheated out of soaking it all in…because I’ve discovered that no one can cheat me out of living, but me.



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