con mis chicas at Gloria’s

If anyone has ever tried to be an island…it is me!  I have lived life keeping even my closest friends at arm’s length because after all if someone sees your “ugly cry”, it’s all over, right?

Or, is it?  It has taken me a very long time – and some painful experiences – to discover who my real friends are.  As my life has been shaken and churned over the last year or more, my real friends have risen to the top like cream.  They have seen my “ugly” cry, my “ugly” words, my “ugly” choices…and, it has been both excruciatingly uncomfortableand liberating.  They have seen me messy.  And, they have treated me exactly the same as when they have seen me “shiny”.


So, here’s to margaritas con mis chicas!  (top left, then clockwise)

A lonely girl on a patio in her brave new world.

My fun, passionate, just-as-expressive-as-you-ever-were-in-the-2nd-grade, striking friend of 30 years.

My warm, genuine, confident, “I’m-every-woman-It’s-all-in-me”, stunning friend of 13 years.

My new, brilliant, so-got-your-self-together-at-a-young-age-we’re-all-jealous, gorgeous friend of 2 months.

Gloria’s on 7th Street (Fort Worth)

Sangria Swirl Margaritas – Que delicioso!

Melt-in-your-mouth Spinach Chicken Quesadillas

100+ degrees – but, we are determined to enjoy the patio in our girly little sundresses, baby!

And, lonely girl sorts out life and love with three most amazing women…



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