the little things on my patio

Mornings and evenings are the bookends of my days…solitude, sounds, silence, music, coffee, wine, reading, writing, reflecting, praying. They hold me together, cause me to stand tall all day through the widely varied volumes and chapters of my living.

— Selah. (Pause, and think on that.) —

Those moments are even more warm and delicious if I can feel the air on my skin. Our culture seems so manufactured these days. We are in our offices, our cars, our homes, our schools …”in” our various screens all day. Is it just me, or does it feel goooood just to be outdoors? To feel the air? To hear sounds that don’t come from earbuds, TVs, or laptops?

…which leads me back to my patio. Look, I brought candles. One of them is a coconut scent. I chose it because it smells like vacation on the beach – my favorite place to relax, unwind, ponder life, or to not think at all. I have discovered that I am a better person – more centered, more productive, more giving, more caring – when I make time for myself. I am like most people:  I work hard, I have responsibilities and deadlines, stress and relationships.  I am not at all lazy.  These are the very reasons why I need a slice of solitude and silence each day…a place to quiet the voices and demands on my soul. And, for me it is the little things…candles, coffee, a glass of wine, yoga, running, or sitting on a patio. These little things are so vital to my living that I can hardly go a day without at least one of them. Something tangible that brings rest to my soul – most often as I read and write.

That sweet feeling of the warm sun on my face, light breeze – peace, contentment in my soul, feeling confident and whole – I am carrying that with me in my core everywhere I go. I will feed it and care for it. To be anywhere else is a departure from myself which is an injustice to me and to those I love most.

Would you be willing to share with me the “little things” in your life? I am curious to know…


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