best date ever at Hulen Mall

He opened doors for me.

He told me I was pretty.

He genuinely wanted to spend time with me, and was in no hurry to leave.

He noticed my hair and my boots!

He made me laugh.

He made me cry.

He was interested in my heart.

He is very handsome and charming!

He is also deeply spiritual.

He is genuinely affectionate.

He is a very soulful thinker.

He is athletic and fun.

He holds my hand and kisses my face.

We share very deep intellectual and spiritual conversations.

He watches me and notices me.

We laugh and joke with each other.

He has already seen my “ugly cry”.

He has also seen me all shiny, and he’s seen me completely messy and undone.

But, never in my life have I felt more loved and accepted

for exactly who I am – not just for what I could do for him.

And, never before have I so freely and completely given my heart away without a single reservation.

Today, he kissed my hand by the fountain, and told me he loved me.

And when with tears, I told him he had made my day, he said,

“Good!  I will try to do it all over again tomorrow.”

Be still my heart.

I am so in love with this boy…


…And, he is in love with me.  He’s even asked me to marry him a few times…

I’ve got the ring to prove it!

At our lunch date today at the mall, I pointed out an older mom with her teenage son.  And, I asked my little boy, “Will you still want to have lunch with me when you are a teenager like him?”  His whole face lit up!  And he said, “YES!  And, when I am an adult, too!”

My heart is running over and spilling out my eyes this afternoon because once again, my six year old has raised the bar for me.

God, I pray that someday I too may

love like I’ve never been hurt,

and that I may let someone in to

love me with the same passion and conviction!

…but, please no rush!  Because for now,

I am actually very, very happy just being Lonely Girl.


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