lovely girl at Lost Oak

Feeling kinda “flippy” – so, yeah I’m sitting at Lost Oak Winery making an actual list of:

What’s awesome and what sucks

about being a single girl in her 30’s…

AWESOME                                                                 SUCKS

Having the entire master closet to myself                    I can’t reach the top shelf

More Girls Nights                                                        Less boys nights

The boys my age have finally grown up                      I don’t know what to do with them

Being alone on Saturday mornings                              Being alone on Friday nights

Prettier than I was in my 20’s                                       Not much dating experience in my 20’s

Running at 8pm because no one needs me at home     No one needs me at home

Eating cereal for dinner                                                Eating cereal for dinner

Doing what I want to on the weekends                        Working all weekend

Singing really loud in the car                                       Driving myself everywhere I go

Making myself feel pretty                                            No one sees me look pretty

Discovering all these new things about myself           Having no one to share it with

Having all the covers to myself                                   Sleeping alone

Loving who I am turning out to be                              Not being loved and truly seen

Doing dishes by candlelight                                        Standing at the kitchen sink to eat

Finding out I’m strong as hell                                     Needing someone to be strong if I’m not

Making my own way                                                  Making my way – on my own

The truth is…I love, love, love being a girly girl!

But as it turns out, it’s kinda hard to be tender and sweet AND tough as nails all at the same time.  So, I am reminding myself today of all the girly things I love because, well…I purpose in my heart to be lovely despite the demands to be all strong and brave sometimes.  I just refuse to let life make me hard.

I love little DRESSES and strappy sandals. 
I love being tender-hearted.
I love SAPPY LOVE SONGS and silly chick-flicks.
I love being a good momma.
I love TANK TOPS and flip-flops. 
I love laughing and crying…sometimes at the same time!
I love LIP GLOSS and mascara.
I love BEING SPECIAL to someone who is special to me. 
I love shamelessly FLIRTING with someone who’s got my back. 
I love having a sounding board because some days I just don’t know it all. 
I love being smart and SILLY.
I love loving a GOOD man. 
I love making breakfast at 1am. 
I love learning that I can take care of myself because I am FREAKISHLY STRONG. 
I love BEING TAKEN CARE OF by someone stronger than me. 
I love being covered and protected.
I love having my face touched and my LIPS KISSED.
I love FEELING LITTLE in someone’s big strong arms.   

I am totally a girl!  And quite frankly, I refuse to let the “grrrrrr” days of life steal that away from me!  And girls, I know you can relate, because well…we’ve talked.

So, this one’s for all the Lonely Girls strong enough to stay Lovely Girls!



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