the passion, the pancakes, The Porch

Life is good.  Really.  But there is also an element of my life that is really hard right now, which is frustrating the hell out of me.

I was reeeeeally building momentum with happy.

Then, hard came in and totally crashed my party.

I need a vacation which I cannot afford…a break from the heaviness.  Or to be more accurate, I would really love a break from the routine so I can sort out the heaviness.  Forever the optimist, I am not going to let the lack of time nor money ruin a perfectly good vacation.  So on my Lonely Girl budget…

I am treating myself to a half hour of girlish daydreaming.

Don’t laugh.  Well, I don’t care if you do.  I guess it is kinda silly.  But, whatev’s…  Clearly, I need a mental break.  A sweet escape.

So, I packed my baggage and intentionally left it all on the door step.  I found a sunny destination and I…

…freely indulged in PASSIONATE girly-girl musings which may never take shape.

…sinfully savored equal parts melted butter and soft warm PANCAKES (shut up, I’m on vacation)!

…and basked in the cool air and warm sun on my face at THE PORCH where someone brings me coffee…and “more butter please”.

Ahhhh, life is good today!


4 thoughts on “the passion, the pancakes, The Porch

  1. Good for you! I feel exactly the same way at the momet but couldn’t have articulated it quite like that! Were the pancakes extra wonderful just because? Keep going girl, we’ll get through it. ❤

    • Hi Shandra! I am SO GLAD you shared that with me. It surprises me over and over again how many random ramblings I have that elicit responses just like yours. Loneliness can be very deceiving…making you feel like you are the “only one” who feels that way. So, THANK YOU for commenting! I love it!

      And yes! Everything tastes better on “vacation”!!! 😉

  2. Life is not complicated it’s as easy as you let be!!!! Do the small things right and the big things will take care of themselves. The choices we make in order to survive and find happiness have costs but they are worth the price we pay. The further we get from the hard choice the more we appreciate the value of that choice. Live large my friend!!!!

    • Thank you, Allan! I confess, I am a BIG fan of the LITTLE things…(like pancakes with extra butter). Who knew pancakes could turn my day around?!?!? Suddenly, I can leap tall buildings in a single-bound!!! Hahaha! Thank you for your support, Allan.


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