laughing out loud at Bar Louie

Tonight, I discovered why misery loves company.  bar louieBecause misery is not stupid; it is just lonely.

And, loneliness pretty much sucks.

So, I got myself some “company,” and I went to Bar Louie on 7th Street in Fort Worth.  First of all:  EXCELLENT recommendation!  Loved, loved, loved this upstairs patio!  Like seriously awesome!  Will definitely be back.

And, the “recommender” totally missed out.  I’m jus’sayin’.

The best part was spending time with friends who have either been down the road I am on or are traveling the same cruel path right now.  We took a night off from our troubles and LAUGHED!!!  I mean I laughed so hard over silly inconsequential things!!!

“I am thankful for laughter,

except when milk comes out of my nose.”  ~Woody Allen


I had so much fun just being a little edgy and silly.  I didn’t solve my world’s problems.  But, I did set them on a shelf for a few hours and laugh out loud!  I can’t for the life of me remember now what was so funny.  But for once in my life, I do remember the name of my favorite movie:  “The Thomas Crowne Affair” – which ironically, is not funny at all.

So in the spirit of laughter, I will share a laughable Lonely Girl moment of my own…

I am fairly certain this is not what is meant by “trimming the tree…”trimming the tree

…but when you are single, you have to rely on your own wit.  And, mine is blonde.

Besides, the steak knife was a miserable fail.  This may seem like overkill to some, but to me it seemed ingenious!  And, just so ya know…the star fit perfectly after this!  So yeah, it actually was pretty brilliant.

Laughter…it’s my secret weapon against sad.  And, I think I’ve proven what I can do with a weapon.  Just ask my Christmas tree…



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