about lonely girl

Lonely girl?

Yes…but, don’t cry for me!  I am not lonely in a pathetic-sobbing-desperate-date-me-kind-of-way.  (You know, the “ugly cry”…but, I’ve been there – as my chicas well know.)

Still, I have found myself somewhat alone in life – unexpectedly.  And, it has turned into this beautiful place of rediscovery.  I am the kind of romantic-sitting-by-myself-on-a-patio-somewhere-sipping-wine-or-coffee (or margaritas with my chicas) alone.  I am the kind of alone that is reflective, and lovely and content.  I am the lonely girl with a laptop and a kindle…plus six journals, two books, four pens,

…and three glorious hours to kill.  And, I am loving every single minute of it.



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